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Saagar Gupta

Puerto Rico

About Saagar Gupta

Saagar-Gupta-HeadshotSaagar Gupta is a financial services professional based in Dorado, Puerto Rico. His company SG3 Capital was founded in 2015, and in 2016 Saagar moved to Puerto Rico for the warmer climates and rich culture. Puerto Rico also has incredibly attractive tax incentives that are designed to improve the local economy by encouraging investment in infrastructure and human capital. Although Saagar has only lived in the territory for a couple of years, he has grown to love the local culture, and he enjoys interacting with the expat community which includes many entrepreneurs and business owners like himself.

Before moving to Puerto Rico, Saagar Gupta spent time on both coasts of the mainland United States. While he is originally from Oakland, CA, he moved to Boston, MA to attend MIT for four years. After graduating from college, he lived briefly in New York City before relocating to Philadelphia, PA for four years. He then spent another five years living in New York City, before he ultimately decided to move to Puerto Rico for good.

One of the best aspects of living in Puerto Rico is the weather. The average temperature hovers around 80 degrees for most of the year. As a business owner, the territory is a very attractive location to conduct business. Besides the tax incentives, there is a willing and able workforce, that is quite well educated. Compared to an area like New York City, the cost of human capital is much lower, and when businesses hire local workers, they help the economy grow. The most difficult aspects of living in Puerto Rico are dealing with the language barrier and the concept of “island time.” After living in New York City, Saagar Gupta is used to the fast-paced lifestyle of the big city. Adapting to a slower pace of life is not always easy. When it comes to speaking Spanish, Saagar is thankful that he studied Spanish in high school, so he is re-learning Spanish quite quickly.

On September 20th, 2017 Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico. It’s been estimated that the hurricane caused over 50 billion dollars of damage, an incredible number for a territory already in a debt crisis. Puerto Rico and Saagar’s local neighborhood were hit very hard as the eye of the storm passed directly overhead. A long-term lack of electricity, scarcity of food and water, and looting are now realities on the island. Saagar Gupta is working hard to help the situation on the island, but it will take a collective effort that will depend on many mainlanders as well.

When people ask how they can help, Saagar recommends donating to local charities like Dorado Beach Cares, or projects that have been set up by individuals to help rebuild. Although the situation is chaotic, Saagar has been working with his connections to help get aid to the island at a faster pace. In the coming months, Saagar, his wife, and some friends will likely create a foundation to help direct relief efforts from a long-term rebuilding perspective. Natural disasters receive a lot of press in the beginning, but over time the media moves on to the next sensational story. Saagar hopes that he can help create a foundation that will continue to provide long-lasting relief to the island and its residents.

Even though Puerto Rico has been hurt by the recent hurricane, Saagar Gupta is confident that the island and its people will rebuild and recover. As the island recovers, it will continue to attract visitors who want to experience the island life. Saagar is dedicated to contributing to the recovery efforts, and he looks forward to helping those residents who have been hurt the most by the hurricane.